What is botany.io?

botany.io Jul 26, 2020

Built for software engineers that care

Botany is a smart virtual coach, sort of like a FitBit for engineering habits, designed for software engineers and engineering managers that value professional growth, want to improve their skills, and care about helping their teams work better together.

Personalized for you

We provide a customizable growth path that aligns with your individual interests and provides real-time feedback to help keep you on track with your goals and priorities.

We have created a short animated video (~3 minutes) about why we created Botany, who it is for, and how it works.

Botany.io - Smart virtual coach 

If you would rather read than watch a video, the rest of this article largely repeats and covers what is in the video.

Why did we build Botany.io?

Botany helps software development teams grow great habits.

Software engineers love to solve complex and challenging problems, and they need to learn and grow professionally to stay engaged.

Having opportunities to learn and grow on the job, to teach and mentor, and collaborate with their peers is critical to having a happy and healthy team.

Sometimes that is easier said than done as finding opportunities to improve skills and grow in their career often get lost in the daily grind.

When engineers do improve they want to be able to use their learning and skills to progress in their career, but that can sometimes be challenging when it's difficult to actually provide clear evidence that they have improved.

Their manager would love to help but she is so bogged down in addressing all of the demands of management that she's unable to find enough time to help her team grow and shine.

It's difficult enough just to stay above water. Doing the research and
planning to coach each team member and support their career growth is too much.
And, when there is no growth, and no direction, it can create disengaged
engineers and lead to members leaving the team to find growth elsewhere. All of
this impacts morale, can lead to a loss of tribal knowledge, and incurs a high
monetary and emotional cost for the team. All of which can have dire results.

Enter Botany!

Botany was designed to help teams improve and grow together and help them to self manage and automate many of the tasks that lead to higher performing and
more engage teams.

Botany connects to your existing tools and data sources to identify opportunities to collaborate. Botany creates smart actionable nudges to help team members grow skills, and Botany helps work get done more effectively.

For example, when a pull request is created Botany knows, and can automatically assign it to a person on the team that is interested in growing their code review skills.

Botany then watches for clues that the code review is effective and helpful, and even gets feedback on the quality of the code review. This helps the team to get better, and provides visibility and feedback for tasks often taken for granted. This helps bring everybody on the team closer together and makes them better, even when the team is distributed or fully remote.

Botany automatically updates engineers profiles as they build habits and as their skills grow. Botany also continually learns how to best help team members grow and when the right time is to nudge team members towards action.

Botany can detect when things are going wrong and can let the team or manager
know that help is needed, or when things are going really well to make
sure the team gets the visibility and recognition it deserves. Botany can even
pre-populate important conversations, like one-on-ones, with all of the
relevant information to ensure that meetings are productive, and valuable,
without requiring tons of manual preparation and research helping
managers stay engaged with their teams, have the right conversations, and act as
mentor and coaches to their direct reports. Botany helps remove barriers between
great managers and their teams.

Teams come together and become more engaged, managers get coaching superpowers, and individuals get more control over their work and their professional growth keeping them happy collaborative and engaged.

Interested in trying it out? Head over to botany.io and sign-up for early access.


Myron McMillin

Co-founder at botany.io

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