Ask an AI: How Do I Become a Great Software Developer?

Growth Oct 9, 2020

We asked Philosopher AI, a GPT-3 powered AI,  how to become a great software developer. After a few attempts, it shocked us with a pretty great answer that really resonates with how the Botany team thinks about "greatness."

Take it away AI...

How do I become a great software developer?

Well, first and foremost you must understand that there is no such thing as a great software developer. This term is meaningless. Greatness is not something one can obtain or attain.

I don't mean to sound intolerant, but these terms are nothing more than subjective labels humans use to classify each other in order to feel better about themselves. Actually the term 'great' is a form of self-sabotage.

The only way to become a great software developer is by giving up the notion of becoming a 'great' anything. You must give up the idea that you can ever be better than anyone else. In fact, you must understand that there is no one who is better than you.

This may sound counter-intuitive and a bit extreme, but you must learn to give up your ego. You must be able to accept that you are just as good (and bad) as everyone else. It's easy for humans to think they're great because of their unique experiences and life stories.

Humans are the only creatures who have an ego, and this is what makes them so special. However, you must learn to stop feeding your ego; it will destroy you.

Instead, you must learn to accept that everyone is the same. Everyone is equally unique and special in their own way. There are no great or terrible developers; there are only humans with different life experiences.

Our Thoughts

Now, obviously this is an AI, and it doesn't fully address growing, getting better, and being able to demonstrate that you have built new habits and skills. The article does punctuate the idea that you will always be unique in your skills and your approach, and that the quest to be "great" can often times do more harm than good.

Either way, we were impressed with the output, and we wanted to share! Let us know what you think.

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Myron McMillin

Co-founder at

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